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These terms and conditions relate to the operation and function of Sai Krupa clinic as well as its International Master Franchisees, Franchisees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies regardless of their location in the world.

Nothing in these terms and conditions, limit any rights you may have under the Trade Practices Act, Fair Trading Act, any other Commonwealth or State Legislation or any other such laws in the region where the Sai Krupa Fitness you attend is located or the region referenced by the Sai Krupa Fitness website.

Any terms or conditions that create an inconsistency with any legislation are considered void to the extent of the inconsistency.

This agreement applies to all customers who make a purchase either in a Sai Krupa clinic or via Sai Krupa Fitness website, or any website that has sai Krupa Fitness products on it and refers to these terms and conditions, or any other avenue that Sai krupa Fitness uses for retail purposes provided the other avenue refers to these terms and conditions. Sai Krupa Fitness has no obligation to issue a ‘tax invoice’ unless the customer requests one or it is the law within the region where the Sai Krupa Fitness Is located.

Sai Krupa Fitness is not liable for any of its products that have been on-sold by a customer to a third party.


The content of the pages of this website are for your general information and use only. All content is subject to change without notice.

Neither Sai Krupa Clinic nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found on this website. Where we, Sai Krupa Clinic, make our best endeavors to avoid errors, you acknowledge that such information on this website may from time to time contain inaccuracies and we expressly exclude liability for any such situation where this may occur.

Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which Sai Krupa Clinic shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements.

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1. I agree to abide by the rules of conduct, behavior, dress code, equipment usage and use of services that are displayed within this center (online/offline) and that have been provided to me.

2. I agree that the membership fees are not refundable and I agree and understand that non usage of the center (online/offline) does not allow early termination of this agreement nor does it warrant a refund of any type. I also agree and understand that non usage of the center (online/offline) does not affect any payment terms and conditions of this agreement and that Sai Krupa Clinic is in no way responsible for my level of usage of the center (online/offline) and I understand that it is not the responsibility of Sai Krupa Clinic to notify me of my non usage.y other such laws in the region where the Sai Krupa Fitness you attend is located or the region referenced by the Sai Krupa Fitness website.

3. I understand that I am able to place my membership on temporary Time Hold after notifying the concerned authority. I understand that Time Hold is for a minimum period of 1 week and a maximum period of one month for standard memberships in each year and that each year commences on the anniversary of the joining date stated on this form. Requests for temporary Time Hold must be done in person at the center (online/offline) to concerned authority by e-mail.

4. If I choose, I may transfer my membership to another person who will fulfill the minimum membership term as set out in this agreement.

5. Sai Krupa clinic may at their discretion block access or terminate any membership agreement without notice for any non compliance of this agreement or any behavior or action that they deem inappropriate

6. Facilities and services may change without prior notice. Any such changes will not affect the terms of my membership agreement

7. I fully understand I am solely responsible for any damage which I may cause to, Sai Krupa Clinic , its facilities, services, products or equipment, if such damage is caused by my willful act and/or negligence

8. I fully understand and accept that if I provide access to the center (online or off line ) for a member, non member or including a member who has lost or damaged their Personal Access Card (PAC), that I may have my membership immediately cancelled and I may be charged a Rs 5000 penalty which will be invoiced to me and that I am liable to pay under the terms of this agreement. I understand that this policy is applicable regardless of whether the person I provide access to exercises or not.

9. I am fully aware that all sai krupa clinic 24/7's are equipped with the Video Surveillance technology which is constantly recording for the security of the center offline and that the Video Surveillance can be remotely viewed at any time by the center operator and/or security provider.

10. I agree and recognize that I have been provided with a New Member Information document. I fully understand and agree to abide by all of the terms, conditions, policies and instructions contained within this document.

11. I acknowledge that I am aware of the inherent risks of injury or ill health resulting from use of the services and from participation in exercise generally. In consideration of participation in activities within a center online & offline , I agree to release and indemnify the Franchisee of the Fitness Centre and any company associated with saikrupa clinic. I agree to participate in all activities at my own risk and responsibility whether supervised or not by staff. I agree to release and hold harmless the Franchisee of the Fitness Centre, Sai Krupa clinic and any associated parties from and against all actions, which may be bought by me or on behalf of me in respect of any incident arising out of injury, loss, damage or death caused to me or my property in any way what so ever.

12. At saikrupa clinic we take your privacy seriously. We do not pass your information onto any other business. If you do not wish to receive email, sms or mail correspondence from us regarding your membership, special offers, promotions or your health then please send us an email or letter confirming that you wish to unsubscribe for such methods of communication.

13. Your membership is subject to a 7 day cooling off period this commences at the close of business on the "Commencement Date" and ends at close of business on the 7th day after the "Commencement Date". New members have the right to cancel their membership within the cooling off period if they are not completely satisfied with the services and programs. All money will be refunded on a pro rata basis, based on services utilized. All cooling off cancellations must be done by completing a 'saikrupa Fitness cancellation form' in email at your current sai Krupa fitness club.

14. I am aware that my personal access code is non refundable and if lost, a new code and password must be purchased by calling or in person .

15. Sai Krupa clinic as well as its International Master Franchisees, Franchisees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies shall not be held responsible for changes in the Government Bye-laws whether they are Local, Regional or National and as such are not liable for refunds if the Club’s Facilities, Services and Operating Hours are affected because of the same. Furthermore, a Member shall not receive any refunds partial or otherwise if they have signed up for membership during a clubs pre opening sale period and the club’s opening has been delayed. As such, the term of the membership will begin from the day the Club is officially opened. A Member is not entitled to any pro-rata refund of any unused Membership term that has been pre paid for except where the cause for such termination is not attributable to them.


Please submit any complaints via email to Please include all detail relating to your complaint. We will do all that is reasonably and practicably possible to assess the merits of the complaint and respond within a reasonable timeframe.


• Your use of this website or facility and any dispute arising from such use is subject to the laws of India

• Jurisdiction: In all matters of Disputes CUTTACK Court shall have Jurisdiction.


• You have to be determined to follow Healthy & Balanced Diet with Suggested Physical / Passive activity for Good & Scientific Weight Loss.

• Once Money is deposited for guaranteed weight Loss / any Treatment that will not be Re-funded under any circumstances. But if part service is delivered then excess amount can be adjusted with other Treatments / Programs, or can be transferred to any Family member or Relative of the client.

• Weight loss progress may Slowdown or stuck due to any related Medical Problem like Hypothyroidism, Hyperinsulinimia, P.C.O.D/P.C.O.S, Diabetes, Hyperprolactinimia, Hypercortilosm, Leptin Resistance etc. or as an effect of wrong Medicinal intake (May not under your Knowledge / May be Leant / may not be Shared), progress will Slow down till it reaches normal Biochemical Value. You have to keep yourself stable & have to follow the Balanced Diet, Proper activity, Medical guideline of Respective Doctors.

• If the condition of Weight loss is :
(i) Medical tests are normal but you are not losing Weight.
(ii) If you follow advised diet that will be reflected in your body's Biochemical value changes, according to Medical Science FAT% will Decrease automatically, Otherwise it will be clear that you are not following proper Guidelines, in that case we will knock you several time and then we will convert your weight loss package into Sitting based Spot reduction treatment package. In that case we will not entertain any question of the client or will not provide any Money refund.
(iii) For Any Break Take Break Letter for Validity Extension. Can only be Taken Physically / E-mail / WhatsApp /Application.
(iv) Once package validity is expired, the service will not be continued. Also you won't be able to claim for Service.
(v) If you don't Lose Weight with in 1st Validity Period, Then Medical Team Can Decide for Any Extension of Validity, Otherwise you have to go for Residential Monitoring (Its Mandatory), Extra Charge Will Apply for Lodging & Fooding.

• If weight is regained by irregular life Style (Diet Deviation), Client have to balance the weight by him/herself & bring back the last Recorded Weight to continue the treatment. We will surely give assistance to the client but if client's sincerity is not visible after a certain period then increased weight will be permanently deducted from the package.

• Once treatment session is executed as scheduled, that will not be repeated under any circumstances.

• Every Treatment is result and validity oriented. Client have to come at least 2days/ week for good result, after the validity period of any treatment program we are not responsible any further.

• If you Plan to conceive a baby, you have to inform us before otherwise it may cause Miscarriage, and we will not hold any responsibility.

• The Measurement tape ensures the Spot reduction confirmation.

• Kindly provide us your correct medical information. We are not responsible for any Silent Problem of the client.

• We maintain punctuality; in case of being late client must inform us, maximum 15 minute grace time is permissible after that appointment will stand cancelled or you can cancel any appointment 2 hour prior to the scheduled time.

• Kindly maintain your personal hygiene.

• We are not responsible for your valuables.

• Result may vary person to person.

• Jurisdiction: In all matters of Disputes CUTTACK Court shall have Jurisdiction.

• Validity ______________ (After Validity Service Will not Provide in any Circumstances) I have read and agreed all above terms & conditions for enrolment in the Slimming treatment program.